Stainless Steel Mezzaluna Rocker with 10inch Double Handle Knife/Blade & Wooden Grip, Offers the Best KitchenAid in Home & Restaurant Cookware.

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High-Quality Mezzaluna for the Ninja Chef in You.

Want to be able to slice up 100 large pizzas into perfect slices in 60secs?

Well, that’s crazy. Can’t help you there.

But, how about improve the quality of your knife handling skills, your safety when cutting, and give your food a cleaner and more even cut?

Can’t help you there either.

Just kidding. That part we can help with.

This bad boy Mezzaluna Pizza Cutter is just what you need. Whether you’re teaching your kids to cook, wanting an easier way to slice and dice, or to relieve the pain from carpal tunnel or arthritis, this Rocking Mezzaluna Knife is perfect.

It’s made of high-quality, dense wood and stainless steel. It won’t crack or bend (unless you try to chop down a tree with it, then all bets are off).

The blade is exceptionally sharp yet safe enough to touch, and won’t need to be sharpened for some time. The two ergonomic wooden handles provide a comfortable grip whilst knowing your hands won’t slip off. This gives you peace of mind when cutting with wet hands.

It is 25cm (10in.) in length which is perfect for storing, remembering that this is a curved blade and may seem smaller. This means unless you live in a hobbits home, you’re good to go.

And, it weighs only less than a pound. So, it’s easy to carry and hold.

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  • FEEL LIKE A PRO! This is what the Pros use. Because your family deserves a professionally cut awesome homemade Pizza or quesadillas or pasta or cheese or veggies or cake or.. You get the picture!
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT! Your mother, father, sister, brother, grandmother etc.. all have a birthday during the year, this Mezzaluna will put a smile on their face.
  • PAIN FREE CUTTING! Ease the pain caused by Carpal tunnel or Arthritis with the easy rocking motion of this Mezzaluna knife.
  • SMALL ENOUGH FOR YOUR KIDS TO USE! Its only 10 long, so teach your little loved ones how to cut food safely, because we all need to learn how to create, slice, dice & cook at some stage in life.
  • YOURE A BIG DEAL! So get ready to experience SuitMeeUps Awesome customer care program with the finest service and 100% money back guarantee.


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